ILMB.InYourStyle Results

September 21, 2020

In Your Style Logo Contest!

"ILMB.InMyStyle", is a contest where we invited Indigenous artists across Manitoba to recreate our logo in their very own style. Our goal is to showcase and support local artists while raising awareness about Indigenous Languages of Manitoba (ILMB)

We thank you for taking the time to vote and support our local artists.

The Results!


Ruby Bruce

Ruby Bruce is a 22-year-old Michif Métis Artist, Art Educator, and Mother from the Métis community of Saint Laurent, Manitoba. Her family traces its Indigenous ancestry to the Red River Settlement, Turtle Mountain Ojibway Reservation and Maniwaki Reservation. Ruby has always held a strong connection with her community, family, Indigenous ancestry and la tayr (The Earth). She has always been interested in Art since very young and has been a known artist in her community for many years. As a middle school student she designed the mascot and logo for her school École Communitare Aurele-Lemoine, has participated in creating Murals for the Manitoba Métis Federation and St.Laurent Market Square. She has won numerous art contests, small awards, as well as has been teaching Art Education workshops for all ages in St.Laurent and Winnipeg, Manitoba. Her biggest influence is the land and her culture. Ruby grew up living off the land and with Indigenous cultural values ; "I draw what I know and what I know is what I see around me; my land, my people, my traditions". She uses her position as an Art Educator to encourage and spread knowledge of indigenous culture to all generations and encouraging children and youth to gain knowledge embracing their culture through various artistic mediums. Ruby's inspiration comes from people such as her Mother Maryann Bruce who is also an artist, Metis Elder Mae Louise Campbell and Mae's daughter Jamie Goulet as well her school teachers, especially Joanne Carriere and Bruce Waldy who always supported and encouraged her.

Skye Mclean @skyeisthelimit204

Skye Mclean grew up living in the inner city of Winnipeg and one of her biggest inspirations in her art is her family; her art keeps her grounded especially as she deals with a recent personal loss. Skye has just began her first year of University and hopes to obtain a Bachelor of Arts in Indigenous Studies.

Tony McKinney

Tony is 30 year old native originating out of Swan Lake First Nation and is a father of one; soon to be 2 beautiful children with his wife of many years and enjoys walking in the bush and fishing whenever he can.

Tony has spent 11years as a stucco applicator and has operated his own exterior stucco siding company for the last 3 years. He is proud and excited to share that he is one of very few offering a new innovative product he's been working on called "tuki's stucco"; which is named after his father who he lost at a very young age, reminding him to be the best he can and take pride in everything he does, and just flat out giver!! With his heart in the air, father by his side guiding his every step through thick a thin, there is absolutely no way he could lose with such a blessing of a name.

Thank you to all our artists for your submissions!

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