About Us

Indigenous Languages of Manitoba Inc. is a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to ensuring the strength and survival of our Indigenous Languages. We are committed to maintaining the interconnectedness of culture and language, which have been severely impacted by the Indian Act, Residential Schools, colonialism, and intergenerational trauma. The importance of preserving and promoting these languages is key to strengthening a sense of identity and belonging in everyday life.

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Our Mission

To be the leader in supporting Indigenous Peoples to preserve, protect and advance their mother tongue to ensure that traditional knowledge, history, culture and values are passed on to our future generations.

Our Vision

To see that every Indigenous person will have the opportunity to be fluent in their mother tongue.

ILMB recognizes all of the Mother Tongue in Manitoba: Anishinaabemowin, Anishinimowin, Dakota, Dene, Ininimowin, Inuktitut and Michif.

Guiding Principles

• To support our mother tongue speakers and specialists with retention and advancement of Indigenous languages;

• To lead Indigenous language learning and promotion, as well as be a resource for Indigenous communities and places of learning;

• To collaborate in research into the development and promotion of language learning and revitalization;

• To promote the full immersion of Indigenous language in everyday personal and professional use;

• To respect the cultural integrity of our mother tongue.

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Our Services

•Language Programming
•Language and Resource Development

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